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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi, I like your blog and your style. Just 2 questions :how do you get your hair to stay that beautiful? I have lots of curls too, but I have to wash it everyday. becuase when I sleep on my hair, it gets wrinkled and I have to wash it. and second: (your blog says ask me anything: when are you moving in with your boyfriend? And live in 1 country and not miss him so much?
gisellafrancisca gisellafrancisca Said:

Hallo! Thank you for visiting my blog and sending the message. I am happy it is relevant to you. Really.
About the hair, this is a tricky one because I do almost nothing to it. I dont wash it everyday and the more I leave it, the nicer it gets because of the natural oil and the increasing volume. :-)
I usually wash it, remove all the conditioning and apply some leave in (mostly cream texture). I sleep on it and when I wake up I just shake it and use a spray I make myself

Regarding my boyfriend (no problem with personal questions at all. Bring ‘em on) we are planning to do it until february because we want to spend the summer in Rio before going to Norway for good. It is a lot to be set up but we are sure that everything will work for the best. :-)

Have a supernice week. Hope my words were any helpful.
love xoxo

Arles, France

Arles, France

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